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General Information

Learn more about general meeting guidelines, local customs, information and travel tips below:


Abstracts will be available as a special compilation from Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis (RPTH), the open access journal of the ISTH. You will be able to access abstracts here or via the online program two weeks prior to the Congress.

Note on late-breaking abstracts: Full text of late-breaking oral abstracts will be released via the mobile app and online program at the start of the session.


Ancillary Meeting Rooms

Ancillary meeting rooms should be requested by April 2, 2020 and are available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information, please click here.

ATM/Cash Machines

ATMs are located on level 1 of the south wing of the MiCo as well as in the registration area of the north wing.


​Participants will receive their name badges when collecting their meeting documents on site. You are required to wear your name badge during all meeting events, including the Networking Event (if you have purchased tickets). Please note that admission to scientific sessions and the exhibition is restricted to participants wearing their badges.​

Please note: Exhibitors will not be admitted to the scientific sessions. The charge for the replacement of a lost badge is 10 EUR.


Banks & Foreign Exchange Offices

The currency in Milan is the Euro. Credit Cards are accepted at most (but not all) major retailers, so it is helpful to have cash for most transactions. Banking hours are Monday to Friday, typically from 08:30 to 16:00. Currency exchange is also available at airports.


Certificate of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance will be emailed to all attendees after the Congress.



​Milan has a fairly temperate climate. Summers are usually very warm and humid with minimal rainfall. The average temperature in July is 77 degrees F (25 degrees C), with a high around 88 degrees F (31 degrees C) and 66 degrees F (19 degrees C) for a low.


Cloakroom and Luggage

Cloakroom and luggage storage will be offered on site



An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event

Congress Bag

​The Congress bag including all delegate material will be distributed to registered participants at the Congress bag desk in the registration area. Please note that there are no replacements for lost bags.


Congress Daily News

The ISTH 2020 Congress publishes its official daily news online and via email during the meeting, as well as a post-congress issue two weeks following the meeting. The ISTH Congress Daily News can be accessed via the Congress mobile app and is also sent via email to all congress registrants and ISTH members. It can be accessed directly online at

Congress Mobile App

The mobile app will be available 2-3 weeks prior to the Congress.



The Euro (EUR) is the unit of currency in Italy, which comes in bills and coins.


Electrical sockets in Italy usually supply electricity between 220 – 230 volts. Italy uses two of the European standard electrical socket types: The “Type L” and “Type F” Schuko. An adapter is necessary if your appliances don’t already have these types of shapes to match the socket.

Embargo Policy

The ISTH Embargo Policy can be found here.


Emergency Phone Numbers

-Dial 113 for Police

-Dial 115 for Fire

-Dial 118 for Ambulance


Exhibition Hours

The ISTH 2020 Industry Exhibition is located in Hall 3.

Date                                      Hours

Sunday, July 12                  10:15 – 17:00

Monday, July 13                10:15 – 17:00

Tuesday, July 14                10:15 – 17:00


Insurance and Liability

​It is recommended that participants obtain adequate insurance coverage for travel, health and accidents before they depart from their countries of residence. The ISTH as organizers cannot accept responsibility for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to private property belonging to the conference participants and accompanying persons.


The ISTH is proud to present ISTH TV at the ISTH 2020 Congress, featuring recorded roundtables with experts discussing the newest scientific revelations in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis. Programming will be featured on the ISTH Congress Daily website and archived on the ISTH Academy.


Italian Pharmaceutical Companies and Delegates

AIM Group International has been assigned to collect – on behalf of ISTH – all applications from Italian pharmaceutical companies and file them with the appropriate Italian Health Ministry officials. For further information, please contact:

​AIM Group International

Attn: Ms. Barbara Sambugaro & Ms. Cristina Ghidoli

Via G. Ripamonti, 129

20141 Milan (Italy)

Tel: +39 02 56601288




​The official language of the meeting is English. There is no simultaneous translation service provided.


Lost and Found

Found articles may be brought to the registration area on the main entrance level of the MiCo.

Lunches and Coffee Breaks

​Lunch is provided as part of the registration fee on each of the Congress days. Lunch vouchers are provided as part of the registration package. The vouchers are valid from Sunday, July 12 to Tuesday, July 14.


On Saturday, July 11, coffee will be available in the foyers of the MiCo. From Sunday, July 12 to Tuesday, July 14 lunch and coffee breaks will be available in the catering areas of the Exhibition Hall.


On Wednesday, July 15 coffee will be available in the foyers of the MiCo.

Mobile Telephones

​As a courtesy to speakers and other participants, all mobile phones and pagers must be switched off when attending sessions or symposia.


Notepads and Pens

​A notepad and pen will be included in the Congress bag.


Online Disclosures

As part of the CME accreditation procedures, all speakers are obligated to provide disclosure of potential conflicts of interest. On the first slide of every presentation, these disclosures must be presented. The Speaker Ready Room can assist with drafting this slide.


​Please be advised that overflow rooms are available. Should any session be full, the overflow will be activated and a hostess will direct you to the overflow room.

Parent Room

The MiCo offers a private and comfortable parenting room. This room can be found on the ground floor.


Partner Resource Centers

Partner organizations and congress organizers who would like to announce upcoming meetings may do so by displaying materials at the official Partner Resource Centers. Likewise, participants are encouraged to visit these Resource Centers to learn about upcoming scientific events in the field. [MD3] The Partner Resource Centers cannot be used for industry or corporate information.

Passport Program

​Participate in the ISTH 2020 Passport Program by visiting exhibitors or other participating destinations, asking questions and learning about products and services of industry partners and/or Society and the Congress. Gain new insights, earn points, compete with your fellow attendees and be eligible to win exciting prizes that the ISTH will raffle off among the highest ranked Passport Program participants. Conveniently, access the Passport Program through the Congress Mobile App.

Photo/Recording Policy

Any form of duplication (recording, audio taping, photography and/or video) of sessions is prohibited without expressed written consent of the author and congress organizer. Please do not use your mobile device to duplicate or record any sessions.

We kindly ask that attendees DO NOT photograph, record, film, or use a cellphone to capture images of presentations at any time during the meeting, as well as on the poster and exhibit floors.

Please note that you may be photographed, videotaped and/or recorded during your visit by the official ISTH 2020 photography/video team. By entering the ISTH 2020 Congress, you agree to each of the following:  1) You consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded in connection with, or as part of ISTH 2020 journalistic, advertising, marketing, promotional, archival and/or security activities; 2) You consent to such photography, filming and/or recording and to any use, in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity, without compensation to you, of your appearance, voice and/or name for the above noted purposes; 3) You understand that all photography, filming and/or recording will be done in reliance on these consents given by you by entering the congress; 4) To protect, among other things, the personal information of our attendees, you agree not to reproduce, perform, display or upload any photographs of sessions/presentations.

If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed via the official congress photography and video team, kindly inform representatives of your preference.

Pocket Program

A pocket program is provided to participants upon registration. It is a handy reference and contains a program-at-a-glance, Congress information, a map and other key information to take full advantage of your time at the Congress.

​Poster Guidelines

Coming Soon!

Poster Sessions

Posters will be presented on Sunday, July 12 – Tuesday, July 14 from 09:30 – 19:30. The official Poster Networking Session will take place as follows:

Date                                     Time

Sunday, July 12                  18:30 – 19:30

Monday, July 13                18:30 – 19:30

Tuesday, July 14                18:30 – 19:30

Prayer Room

​An all-denomination prayer room is located between the main conference halls and above the exhibition area of the MiCo.

Program Changes

​Program changes will be made public via the official ISTH 2020 Congress Mobile App and the website.

Registration Hours

Registration will start Friday, July 10 in the afternoon. The registration area is located on the main entrance level of the MiCo and is open during the following hours:

Date                                      Hours

Friday, July 10                    15:00 – 19:00

Saturday, July 11               06:30 – 18:00

Sunday, July 12                  07:00 – 18:30

Monday, July 13                07:00 – 18:30

Tuesday, July 14                07:00 – 18:30

Wednesday, July 15          07:30 – 13:00

Relax and Recharge Areas

Relax and unwind in the dedicated Relax and Recharge Areas at the Congress. Busy participants can sit, continue their conversations with colleagues or get some work done. These areas offer outlets to recharge computers/mobile devices either on site or to leave them in the provided charging stations. Relax and Recharge Areas are located in the Exhibition Hall.


Milan is an international metropolis and has a variety of cuisines to choose from when dining out. From Milanese cuisine to classic Italian dishes, Milan has much to offer. Milan enjoys many options of food and dining. For more information on Milan’s food options, please visit:

Shopping in Milan

​Milan is the international capital of fashion and shopping. You will be able to find shops for all tastes, ranging from on the cheaper side to the more luxurious brands.

Visit for more information.


​Please note that this is a non-smoking meeting. Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the meeting halls nor in the exhibition area.

Social Media

ISTH 2020 encourages the use of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms at the conference as a way to summarize, highlight, excerpt, review or promote the presented materials of the Congress in general, provided that:

  • Copyright law is observed.

  • Verbatim information is limited to a few quotes

  • The author or speaker is referenced and cited appropriately.

Please use the Congress hashtag via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: #ISTH2020.

To get the latest updates throughout the Congress, follow ISTH on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


In Italy, the standard value added tax (VAT) rate is 22% of the net price. For items such as some food items, drinks and agricultural products, the VAT is lowered to 10% or 4%.

Non-EU residents may qualify for a refund of some of the VAT they have paid during their visit in Italy. Please visit this link for more information.


​Standard Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour

Milan will be on CEST (Central European Summer Time) during the Congress.


Tips and value added tax (VAT) are officially included in all prices. For exceptional service, an extra tip is recommended. When tipping at a restaurant, tips should be handed to the waiter/waitress and not left on the table.   


​Taxis: Not expected, but appreciated. Rounding up to the nearest Euro is sufficient.


Restaurants: Tip and the value added tax (VAT) are typically included in the final bill. If your final bill does not include this, it is customary to tip at a maximum of 10%, especially for exceptional service.

Room maids: €.50 - €1.50 per day

Transit (Local)

There are many different options to get from one point to another in Milan. A network of buses, trams, and a subway (metropolitana) are readily available. The metropolitana even connects to the outskirts of the city. An easy way to explore the city and purchase tram and metropolitana tickets is to use the ATM Milano Official App:

In addition to these options, Milan also offers taxis, car sharing, bike sharing, and District Radiobus, which allows you to request a bus by calling the District Radiobus phone number is at +39 02 4803 4803.

Rideshare trips through the Uber App are available in Milan, Italy. We remind you to please ensure it is your driver before getting into the vehicle. Lyft is not yet available in Milan.

Travel Awards

Travel Award recipients can go to the specific “Travel Award” desk in the registration area on the main entrance level of the MiCo to receive their grant. Grants can be collected during the following days and times:

Date                                      Hours

Friday, July 10                    15:00 – 19:00

Saturday, July 11               06:30 – 18:00

Sunday, July 12                  07:00 – 18:30

Monday, July 13                07:00 – 18:30

Tuesday, July 14                07:00 – 18:30

Wednesday, July 15          07:30 – 13:00


ISTH 2020 will take place at The Milano Convention Centre (MiCo). Located in the newly revitalized Citylife district.

Milano Convention Centre (MiCo)

Piazzale Carlo Magno

1, 20149

Milano, Italy

Phone:  +39 02 4997.7134


Water Stations

​Staying hydrated is always important, particularly during a busy day at ISTH 2020. Water stations are located throughout the convention center for the convenience of our attendees.


Wi-Fi will be available throughout the MiCo. Login details will be provided prior to the Congress.