How to Request an Ancillary Meeting

Non-profit organizations, academic institutions and non-commercial study groups topically related to ISTH and/or the ISTH 2020 Congress may apply to hold ancillary meetings during the ISTH 2020 Congress. 


Please submit the online Meeting Request Form before April 2, 2020 for priority consideration. You will be notified via email by May 13, 2020 if your meeting is approved.

For ancillary meeting room requests received after April 2 and before June 5, requests may still be considered based on remaining availability.  No meeting room requests will be considered after June 5, 2020.
Ancillary Meeting Information
Only meeting rooms located in the Milano Convention Centre (MiCo) will be appointed by the ISTH. In order to obtain meeting space, all meeting room requests must be submitted via the Meeting Room Request form to ISTH.

Meeting space will only be provided to groups that are participating in the ISTH 2020 Congress. 

Small meetings of 5 or less people can also reserve 45-minute blocks of time in the Collaborative Meeting Rooms. These room can be booked by logging into your registration profile and clicking on the “Collaborative Meeting Room” link.

Type of Meetings Allowed

  • Non-profit organization meeting (such as Board or committee meetings)

  • Editorial Board meetings

  • Study section/groups or investigator meetings

  • Other business meetings of academic institutions or scientific interest groups

Industry or pharmaceutical groups are not permitted in the ancillary meeting space. If you are exhibiting or supporting the meeting and would like meeting space, please contact and ask about hourly meeting rooms. 

Meeting Dates and Times 

  • Saturday, July 11 – Tuesday, July 14 between 08:00 and 19:00

  • Wednesday, July 15 between 08:00 and 15:00 


Maximum size or attendance: 25 hollow square 

Maximum length: 2 hours

Standard Set Up and Equipment includes:

  • Hollow square style room set up

  • Screen and projector 

Additional AV equipment, catering and room setup changes will need to be ordered by the organizers of the ancillary meeting at their costs (ISTH will provide information and contacts for respective providers after your space has been confirmed

Please note that ISTH will not publicly announce or list any ancillary meetings. It is the responsibility of the respective ancillary meeting organizer to inform their meeting participants about all logistics.


Cancellations and Changes: If approved and changes are necessary, please email Michelle Dial, Meetings Manager, with any cancellations or changes to your meeting, up until Friday, June 10. Requests and changes received after that date cannot be guaranteed.  

Please note that ISTH cannot guarantee room availability in the case of changes to the meeting.